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TERO Workforce Development Components

The EBCI TERO Workforce Development component is designed to combat workforce development challenges facing tribal governments, communities, and native organizations to build tribal members’ self-sufficiency and increase the economic well-being of tribes though work experience.  WFD programs ensure that tribal members are equipped with skill sets and experience necessary to build and sustain careers.  The EBCI TERO Workforce Development component has developed a work experience (WEX) approach that supports the development of an individual’s career pathway to increase the employability of tribal members through soft skills training and additional technical or other training that is developed for an individual participant.  With these skills and experience, participants will contribute to the tribe and its communities with a renewed sense of purpose, cultural enrichment and improved economic well-being of our tribal members, their families, and the greater community. 

The Workforce Development component consists of four (4) resources that are described as follows:

  • Job Bank
    In order to maximize Tribal member access to employment and business opportunities. TERO works to ensure Indian people receive their rightful share of jobs and other entrepreneurial economic opportunities. TERO assists members of the Eastern Band of Cherokee Indians with identifying employment skills training programs that help develop job skills in a variety of career areas, including resume building, filling out applications, interviewing for jobs, identification of training for specific jobs and careers. The TERO JOB Bank connects enrolled members with jobs, both with TERO certified vendors and with business performing contracts for the Tribe. Job Bank also identifies employment opportunities among the local businesses to connect Tribal members with seasonal or permanent employment and work opportunities.

  • Workforce Innovations Opportunity Act (WIOA)
    WIOA is designed to help job seekers access employment, education, training, and support services to succeed in the labor market and to match employers with the skilled workers they need to compete in the local economy.  TERO has developed an array of services that will be offered to WFD/WIOA participants including a work stipend, training in soft skills, occupational skills, job readiness and work experience, to name a few. 

  • Native Employment Works (NEW)
    The NEW program is designed to provide work-related activities to support job readiness, job placement, and job retention for designated Native American service populations and service areas. TERO’s WFD/NEW program will support individuals with resources and provide access to services that will contribute to meeting the basic needs and help participants in establishing a stable environment in which to pursue family and individual self-sufficiency.  This WFD/NEW program will continue to help individuals gain job skills and work towards self-sufficiency as well as reduce joblessness.  Qualifying participants will receive support and assistance, such as, but not limited to: a work stipend, childcare assistance, travel reimbursements and transportation costs, training fees, work gear and tools.

  • Mother Town Healing Program (MTHP)
    The Mother Town Healing Program (THP) is intended to assist EBCI enrolled members in recovery by providing a safe and supportive working environment, training for necessary job skills, and discipline to re-enter the workforce in a positive manner. While the goal is for participants to become employable, we also encourage them to rebuild and strengthen community connections that may have been lost due to substance use/abuse disorders.  The MTHP has a separate application that is available upon request.