LATEST HEADLINES: April 1, 2021  (headline expires June 5, 2021)

Indigenous Conservation Trails Crew 

§       The Blue Ridge Parkway Foundation and the Conservation Legacy are partnering to fund a conservation crew that will work this summer for 14 weeks on the Blue Ridge Parkway outside of Blowing Rock on a Parkway trail, and for two weeks at Cape Lookout on the coast (to give the crew a range of experiences across the state). The crew is paid, receives training by a local college on trail building skills and techniques, is provided with food and lodging (camping) and at the end of the season, will receive preferential hiring status by the federal government, meaning an easier path for competing for permanent federal jobs.  

§       It is a great opportunity for the participants and brings many partners together.

§       These orgs are interested in having an all-Cherokee crew (1 leader, 1 assistant leader, and 6 crew members).  The EBCI Environment and Natural Resources is the lead tribal agency and TERO is supporting this initiative in getting the word out.  From this opportunity are numerous other opportunities that participants could engage in.   

§      There is a strong push to get applicants as they hope to have folk identified and processed by their start date of June 8, 2021.    

Conservation Legacy Positions

TERO FEES: The Positive Impact TERO Fees Can Have on the Tribal Work Force and Economy

The Tribal Employment Rights Office (TERO) serves a vital role in the overall employment rate of EBCI enrolled Tribal members by providing Indian preference in employment and contracting with the Tribe and its entities.  Indian preference is a unique opportunity and exercise of EBCI inherent sovereignty to put Cherokee people first i› Cherokee’s economy.